Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Coordinating Outfits for Photos Part 2 - Boys | Tracy CA Children's Photographer

What to Wear - Boys

In this installment of What to Wear for a photo shoot, we are going to focus on boys. A good friend once how told me that she loved having grandsons, but couldn’t wait for a granddaughter because boys clothing was so boring. Given that I have a daughter, I could not really relate to what she was saying. Well, no offense to my friend, but I absolutely disagree with her. Outfits for boys can be every bit as stylish as a girl’s outfit. 

A reminder on what not to steer clear of for photos. Stay away from all white items, thin stripes, tiny checks or plaid prints, and logos. Stripes and small prints cause what is called a moirĂ© effect which is a visual distortion and is not pleasing in photographs. Also, logos very quickly go out of style and tend to date photos and can be distracting in photos. Competing patterns can also cause a distraction to the eye when people look at the photo. 

The GAP, Old Navy and even Target continue to be my go to stores for finding clothing if you feel the urge to purchase a new outfit. I like these stores because they tend to have “collections” which makes finding coordinating clothing easy. But first, start with your child’s closet, I bet you will find just what you want. 

Just like selecting outfits for girls, go for layers that can be changed up when creating a stylish look and to provide a couple of quick change looks during the photo shoot. Since we are heading into spring, I thought I would use warmer weather clothes for my examples. As you can see below, pairing a “button up” shirt over a complimentary solid colored t-shirt or polo looks much more appealing than just a buttoned up shirt or a plain t-shirt. Leave the buttons undone and untucked for a more casual look. Pairing two solid colored t-shirts (round-neck under a v-neck) together is also a stylish possibility. For pants, blue jeans or solid colored jeans and shorts like khaki look nice in photos. And rather than the typical athletic running shoe, go with cool slip-on loafers or colorful flip flops to complete the ensemble. Accessorize with hats, belts, and a cool watch or wrist sweatband. If a logo t-shirt is preferred, pair it with a solid colored jacket or button-down shirt.

If you have more than one child, try not to go with the “matchy matchy” look (raising my hand about being guilty for this!). Yes, by all means coordinate the colors, but let each child’s personality show through. And again, keep patterns to a minimum, a little pattern goes a long way.  And if you are unsure about colors, check out my “What To Wear” post about coordinating colors HERE!

What to Wear for boys in photos
Images from Old Navy 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Casting Call for Child Models | Tracy CA Children's Photography

Portfolio Building Casting Call for Child Models

It is a CASTING CALL FOR CHILD MODELS! March 2012 through May 2012 only!

I am in search of models for a special portfolio that I am putting together for an upcoming trip to Chicago in June. I will be spending a very special weekend with the world renown Children's Photographer Audrey Woulard. Ms. Woulard's work includes commercial campaigns for Pottery Barn Kids and Pottery Barn Baby in addition to her own extremely successful photography business.

If your child or anyone you know has a child who fits into any of the categories below, please contact me at

I am looking for models who fit the following requirements:
  • Baby aged 4 - 9 months who has reached the sitting stage but not yet walking (boy and girl)
  • Child age 1 - 3 (boy and girl)
  • Child age 3 -5 (boy and girl)
  • Sisters age 5 to 8
  • Brothers age 5 to 8
  • Child 6 - 9 (boy and girl)
  • Child age 10 - 15 (boy and girl)
Model Call session is at no charge. You will receive 5
professionally edited digital files to print yourself and a free 5"x7" professional gift print, plus the opportunity to purchase professional prints at a discount. But no purchase is necessary. A signed model release will be required. The images taken will be used for my portfolio, blog, website, Facebook and possibly in printed marketing materials.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Coordinating Outfits for Photos Part 1 | Tracy CA Children's Photography

What to Wear In Photos

I often get asked by clients, “what should my child(ren) wear?” So I thought I would put together a Children’s What To Wear series to help answer this question.

Start off by determining your child’s style, ask yourself (or you child if he or she is old enough) a few questions.
  • What is your child’s favorite color?
  • What style does my child seem to gravitate toward? Trendy? Preppy? Classic? Skater? Funky? Princess with lace and frills?
  • Will my child wear accessories? Hats? Necklaces? Scarves? Belts? Sunglasses? Hair bows or ribbons?
  • What types of shoes will my child wear? Boots? Tennis shoes? Ballet shoes? Sandals? Flip Flops?
Once you have a basic idea on style it is time to put together the outfit(s). Keep in mind if you have more than one child being photographed, try not to be “matchy matchy.” You want to coordinate, not necessarily match. For more info on coordinating colors, check out my “What to Wear” post. Try to use layers and different textures like knits, denim, or accessories). This way you can remove or add items quickly during a photo shoot and quickly develop a different “look” to give variety to the images. 

There are actually several items of clothing you should try to avoid. Small patterns, checks and stripes will cause weird distortions in photos. White is actually not a great color on anyone and doesn't photograph well unless pair with another solid color covering most of it and can make for a "blah" photo visually (unless we are talking about a bride!). Logos especially with words (it tends to date the photo and is distracting.

Below is a Toddler Girl What to Wear outfit that I put together for my child using items I saw at Old Navy. “It is so my child!” My child loves pink, all shades of pink and sometimes purple. She gravitates toward classic and preppy styles some embellishments are fine but she does not like lace and frills or lots of patterns. She doesn’t mind hats or scarves but it is rare that I can get her to wear a “hair pretty.” And she hates boots (at least right now). But she loves slip-ons and the jelly shoes. 

What to Wear for girls in photos
Toddler Girl - What To Wear

 {images from Old Navy and GAP}

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spring Flowers | Tracy CA Photographer

Capturing Time-Slips of Spring in Tracy California

Every once in a while I like to photograph flowers or other objects. And spring time in Tracy, is really pretty with the flowering trees. Okay, I know it isn't actually spring time yet, but the trees don't seem to know that thanks to a wonderfully warm winter this year! YEAH! That means pool weather should be right around the corner. So today, I took a few minutes to capture the blooms on the trees before our high winds blow them away. Enjoy!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Easter Portrait Sessions | Tracy CA Children's Photography

The Mini-Accordion Photo Album

Can you believe it? Spring flowers and trees are already starting to bloom, Valentine's Day is next week and Easter is just around the corner. Today is a perfect time to set up a portrait session. And if you are looking for a special Easter or Mother's Day gift for Grandparents, God-Parents or even just you, mini-photo albums are perfect!

For a limited time only, Time-Slips In Photos is offering a free Spring Portrait Photo Session along with special prices on gift prints. Also for every print order over $100, you will also receive a free Spring Mini-Photo album (a $35 value). These mini-photo albums have hidden magnetic closures and a frosted protective cover. Additional mini-albums are also available for purchase.

For more information, email me today,

{Mini-Album Designs and photos curtsey of Ashe Design}

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Organic Bloom Custom Frames | Tracy CA Children's Photography

The Organic Bloom Frames

Did you know that I am proud vendor for The Organic Bloom Frames? If you haven't seen Organic Bloom Frames, take a look! These gorgeous frames really show off your photos! Sizes start at a super cute 2.5x3 and make really cute ornaments or party favors. Additional sizes range from 4x6 to 30x40. There are six (6) styles of frames that in a variety of colors from muted to super bright! The frames come in single photo or multiple photo openings. So if you are looking for a gorgeous frame or frames to display your favorite photos, email me for more information. And don't forget to check out the Investment page for this month's photography specials. Below are just a few examples of what I offer.

{Photos curtsey of The Organic Bloom}

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Charming Mr. M | Tracy CA Children's Photography

On Location Park Photo Shoot

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Mr. M. Definitely quite a little charmer. Undoubtedly one of the sweetest kids I have ever met. And so adorable...okay, can you tell I was definitely charmed?

Have an awesome Super Bowl Sunday!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Oh So Adorable Mr. N | Tracy CA Children's Photography

The Photos of Autumn

I said "give me serious!" for this photo and I got it. But I could tell there was a smile about to break loose and then I got the cutest "yea, I am cool and I know it" grin. I am thinking a future modeling gig for Abercrombie kids!