Monday, February 20, 2012

Coordinating Outfits for Photos Part 1 | Tracy CA Children's Photography

What to Wear In Photos

I often get asked by clients, “what should my child(ren) wear?” So I thought I would put together a Children’s What To Wear series to help answer this question.

Start off by determining your child’s style, ask yourself (or you child if he or she is old enough) a few questions.
  • What is your child’s favorite color?
  • What style does my child seem to gravitate toward? Trendy? Preppy? Classic? Skater? Funky? Princess with lace and frills?
  • Will my child wear accessories? Hats? Necklaces? Scarves? Belts? Sunglasses? Hair bows or ribbons?
  • What types of shoes will my child wear? Boots? Tennis shoes? Ballet shoes? Sandals? Flip Flops?
Once you have a basic idea on style it is time to put together the outfit(s). Keep in mind if you have more than one child being photographed, try not to be “matchy matchy.” You want to coordinate, not necessarily match. For more info on coordinating colors, check out my “What to Wear” post. Try to use layers and different textures like knits, denim, or accessories). This way you can remove or add items quickly during a photo shoot and quickly develop a different “look” to give variety to the images. 

There are actually several items of clothing you should try to avoid. Small patterns, checks and stripes will cause weird distortions in photos. White is actually not a great color on anyone and doesn't photograph well unless pair with another solid color covering most of it and can make for a "blah" photo visually (unless we are talking about a bride!). Logos especially with words (it tends to date the photo and is distracting.

Below is a Toddler Girl What to Wear outfit that I put together for my child using items I saw at Old Navy. “It is so my child!” My child loves pink, all shades of pink and sometimes purple. She gravitates toward classic and preppy styles some embellishments are fine but she does not like lace and frills or lots of patterns. She doesn’t mind hats or scarves but it is rare that I can get her to wear a “hair pretty.” And she hates boots (at least right now). But she loves slip-ons and the jelly shoes. 

What to Wear for girls in photos
Toddler Girl - What To Wear

 {images from Old Navy and GAP}

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