Monday, February 6, 2012

The Organic Bloom Custom Frames | Tracy CA Children's Photography

The Organic Bloom Frames

Did you know that I am proud vendor for The Organic Bloom Frames? If you haven't seen Organic Bloom Frames, take a look! These gorgeous frames really show off your photos! Sizes start at a super cute 2.5x3 and make really cute ornaments or party favors. Additional sizes range from 4x6 to 30x40. There are six (6) styles of frames that in a variety of colors from muted to super bright! The frames come in single photo or multiple photo openings. So if you are looking for a gorgeous frame or frames to display your favorite photos, email me for more information. And don't forget to check out the Investment page for this month's photography specials. Below are just a few examples of what I offer.

{Photos curtsey of The Organic Bloom}


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