Thursday, June 28, 2012

On Location Photo Shoot | Children's Photography Tracy, CA

On Location Photography

What is on location photography? Simply put, it is a photo shoot done at a location agreed to by you and the photographer rather than a studio. Why is this special? Well, I believe it is special for three reasons…ease, comfort and fun. 

On location photography provides you with the ease of not having to pack up the kids and drive off to a studio. Instead the photo shoot can take place right in your own home or backyard, front yard or the neighborhood park.

The comfort of your own home or familiar surroundings like a favorite park or downtown is another major perk for on location photography. As a specialist in Children’s Photography, I have found that the best photos are taken when the kids are comfortable. Kids are more relaxed and thus I am able to capture their true spirit and personality. 

And finally, on location photography means FUN! And FUN is always a key element to capturing amazing photos. Running around the yard or at a park rather than a studio that a child might consider boring. Familiar surroundings seems to subconsciously give a child the freedom to relax, be real, and most of all we have FUN! 

On location photography can also mean doing a photo shoot in a very cool setting. Recently I did a photo shoot in Historic Downtown Tracy. We found some really awesome nooks and crannies that served as interesting backdrops which lent made for various different “looks.” Check it out! 





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