Thursday, June 21, 2012

Photography Workshop In Chicago | Children's Photographer Tracy, CA

Photography Workshop Time in Chicago!

I had the honor of attending a photography workshop hosted by world renown Children's Photograher, Audrey Woulard. And yes...she is my photography crush! Yes, I just said that! I learned so much and I have to say Audrey is one of the most open and honest people that I have ever met. I also met many other wonderful photographers and am so happy to have made new friends from all across the country. I must say though that Chicago is very hot and humid. We may get hot in the Valley just outside of San Francisco, but at least we do not have the humidity. I believe I will take San Francisco over Chicago any day! (My apologies to those in Chicago or who love it, it is nice but...)

During the workshop we were also given the opportunity to put our "learnings" to the test and photographed these really super cute kids. Enjoy!!







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