Thursday, July 26, 2012

Niles Train Depot Photo Shoot | San Francisco & East Bay Children's Photographer

On-Location Photo Shot at Niles Train Depot

I have only lived in California for about 6 years and honestly haven't explored the area that much. Now that I have started Time-Slips In Photos, I am really starting to see areas that I never knew existed. And it is so much fun to find cute little towns and areas like the town of Niles. It is a very cute little area with a wonderful coffee house and antique shops (although I was shocked to find an "antique" Christmas Plate dated 1988!!!! in one shop).

So this past weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing a gorgeous family and we met at the Niles Train Depot. One of the local shop owners was so friendly and happily told me about the wonderful vintage train rides they were doing that day and the annual Dog Show and the upcoming Antique Event. I definitely recommend visiting the town if you get a chance. There is also a train museum that is open on Sundays too for all of your little Thomas The Train fans and a cool red caboose!

And now on to some of the photos of gorgeous kids! Enjoy! ~ Angela




Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On Location Photography Shoot | San Francisco & East Bay Children's Photographer

On Location Warehouse Photo Shoot

While I often have the privilege of photographing younger kids, every once in a while I get the opportunity to work with the older ones and let me tell you, this young lady is GORGEOUS! And not only is she an absolute beauty she is a mega super star athlete!

For this photo shoot we headed out to my favorite warehouse location and ended up with some stunning photos. Don't you think! Enjoy!~ Angela






Friday, July 6, 2012

Photo Session at the Warehouse | Tracy CA and East Bay Children's Photographer

Capturing Time-Slips of Cuteness

It is always my honor and pleasure to get the opportunity to photograph children. They are always so fun. And I get really excited when parents are willing to go to a place to shoot that might seem a bit unconventional. This is what I consider the fun part of on location shooting. For this shoot, we went to an abandoned warehouse. The building and surrounding area offered so much variety. In just about a half hour we were able to achieve so many different looks with poses and backgrounds. And my little client was such a trouper. When we started the shoot it was quite chilly. Poor thing was shivering. Luckily mom thought ahead and brought a coat so we could start out the shoot in warmth. But as is typical in our little town, in a very short time it warmed up quite nicely we could shed the coat and capture some fun and vibrant photos. I also loved her bright colorful clothing choices that were so her! Hats! Scarves! She was prepared for every possibility! And the best part of the shoot was at the end when she gave me a big hug as a thank you for taking her pictures! Brought a tear to my eye.